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Chas Knight:
Hello members, please let me know if there are any local cruises or GTGs that you regularly attend in your area.  I will add them to our Newsletter so we can surprize each other by attending.  Thanks Chas

patpur (D 05/10/2015):
Chas - Burtonsville/Church of the Holy Donut - every Sunday, year round (it winds way down after Thanksgiving and picks up again when the weather gets nice) 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 am intersection of Rt's 198 and Rt. 29 in the Giant Food parking lot.

Olney, Maryland - Saturday nights between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm Long & Foster Parking lot on Md Rt 97 North. Second left after going north on Rt 97 juts after the Rt 108 intersection. Will be on your left hand side going North on Rt 97. Turn left into Olandwood Ct. This one is drawing fewer and fewer cars, Laytonsville, listed below is a better bet.

Mt. Airy Cruise In. - Every 1st and 3rd Saturday night from 5:00 pm until......., Jimmy Cone Parking lot in Mt. Airy. Rt 27 to Main Street and hang a left. Go about 3/4 mile and Jimmy Cone is on the left, you can't miss it. This one is huge, get there early.

Laytonsville, Md - Friday nights from 6 pm until - Rt 108 in Laytonsville across from Stadler's Nursery in the 7/11 Shopping Center. This cruise in is growing, last week about 50 cars. Sponsored by Laytonsville Fire Dept. They have Hot Dogs and Hamburgers as well there is a great little pizza place in the shopping center. Crusie In located at the Post Office end of the Laytonsville Shopping center.

Chas Knight:
Thanks Pat, I will publish in the next newsletter.

Chas Knight:

Chas Knight:


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