Author Topic: 2013 - Crossfire Road Rally - Western PA/Ohio  (Read 7512 times)

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Looking ahead, the Bod is in the early planning stages of holding a Road Rally event that will cross several states in the summer of 2013. Driving from check point to check point in an set period of time. Those coming closest to the target time in all legs of the rally, well.... we'll see what you get, lol. It will be based in the Western PA/Ohio area, or further, depending on member participation. We have several people in the club who have expressed an interest in having an event of this type. I know that it seems a long way off, to look at planning two years ahead, but for the scale of what we are thinking, it will take that long to get it worked out.
Please post your thoughts, ideas, locations, experiences, etc. so we can work to formulate a plan that suits as many members as possible. Thank You.


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